Geoff Hetherington

Geoff Hetherington is the Clarity CEO – the Global expert on attaining Business & Personal clarity.

Geoff specialises is keynote presentations at large corporate conferences and business off-site workshops that give concrete actions to take, and inspires your management and teams on how to develop this vital skill in both their working and private lives.

He believes that owning or managing a successful business is the best path to follow to ensure that you and your family get to live a larger life. And the surest way to success is to obtain absolute clarity of your business and personal goals, skills and resources.

Note: Geoff does not present just the typical goal setting methodology but a proven system that enables people to work less and play more with less stress.

Described as’ irreverent and insightful’ Geoff has a background as an internationally experienced senior executive with over 30 years’ spent as a CEO, General Manager, and Sales & Marketing Director across industries like: Retail, Pharmacy, Consumer Electronics, Fitness / Training, Not for Profits, Construction Supply & Telecommunications. He launched the Telstra Next G network in non-urban Australia with the largest experiential marketing campaign ever undertaken in this country and spent 5 years in Indonesia running 5 companies with a half billion USD in sales.

Through his consulting business – Dancing Blind Man – Business Advisors – he diagnoses and tune-ups businesses so that the owners and management regain control, increase profits, and get back more time.

He is often referred to as being like a mechanic for your business and your personal lives.

Geoff’s skillset covers a grab bag of business disciplines including: Strategy, Marketing, Sales, Change Management, Operations, Corporate Governance, Continuity Planning, Organisational and People Development, Training, Copy Writing and Advertising.

Geoff remains the youngest person ever elected to the YMCA Board of Directors (at age 17), served for 5 years as Chairman of the Sutherland Shire Skillshare Project, and is currently the Chairman of the Central Coast Business Enterprise Centre.

Geoff can be found at www.theclarityceo.com or his consulting business www.dancingblindman.com.

Or you can contact him via email at admin@dancingblindman.com

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