Cracking The
Clarity Code

Why you need to Detangle your business and your life

Most people think that having less is normal – less time with loved ones, less money than you deserve and less control over your life than you need…But really there is a way to regain control of your life and its facets – a way to have less stress, more money and more time…

If you just crack the code to clarity you will be able to detangle your life and identify a defined path to follow, techniques to develop and strategies to use that will enable you to live happier, wealthier, healthier and more fulfilling life.

 In this session you will learn
  • The 3 stages to cracking the code and achieving clarity
  • How to identify the areas of your business, career and life that need the most attention to set you free
  • The 4 numbers everyone must know to organise their life
  • The difference between skill and passion and why it matters
  • How to be an employee and still achieve a larger life through clarity

How to Live a
Larger Life

Why settle for living small?

Most people think that a larger life is for the wealthy and the privileged few; but really just about anyone can live a larger life than the one they currently have…

If you just apply a few tactics, techniques and strategies to your own life you will find that living a larger life is not only achievable but within reach…

In this session you will learn
  • What to do so you can live a larger life
  • The 4 step process to finance your larger life
  • The trio of techniques you need to break free

The Passion Lie…

Finding your passion does mean you’ll live the life you deserve…

Most people think that if you find your passion then you will never have to work again. But really not every passion is capable of giving you the life you want…If you identify the things you are good at that  people will pay you for then you get not only the buzz of using your skills but also the money to support your passion.

In this session you will learn
  • How to identify your particular magic
  • What the sweet spot is for merging purpose, passion and skill
  • The Problem you solve that others will pay for
  • What your intersection of passions is…
  • How to be a Passionate Pragmatist…

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